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Emotional Support to Parents Experiencing a Perinatal Crisis

Listening to and talking with parents who are grieving the loss of their baby, worried about their baby in a NICU or special care nursery, or needing to talk during other perinatal times such as bedrest. This has been Neo-Fight's most important function since 1976! 

Neo-Fight volunteers at the annual Walk to Remember at St. Francis Hospital held in October.

Neo-Fight volunteers with various activities during the annual National Make a Difference Day held the 4th Saturday in October.  Please contact Neo-Fight for details on how to volunteer your time for this wonderful day and other Neo-Fight events through out the year in making a difference in the lives of families. 

Education and Outreach

Speaking about Neo-Fight to students at the School of Nursing, the School of Medicine, School of Education, and the Medical Genetics Program at IUPUI.

Publishing a full-page listing about Neo-Fight in the Rainbow Book, a directory of human services in Central Indiana.

Publishing an updated and revised version of our Listener Training Manual.

Training new listeners in our Listener Training Class.

Creating a Neo-Fight website with listings of Indiana resources, national resources and on-line support groups.

Yearly and as need arises, delivering to the Nursing Staff at 11 area hospitals "NICU Baskets" filled with such things as Neo-Fight information, Preemie Clothes, Single-Use Cameras and Hershey Hugs. 

Neo-Fight offers web-based support. Click here and a Neo-Fight Trained Listener will return your e-mail within 24 hours!